Our Mission

In the Plateau-Mont-Royal

since 1993!

Our Mission

Plein Milieu builds relationships of trust with people who are drug users, homeless or at risk of homelessness, and with youth 12 years of age and older while focusing on harm reduction, information and prevention.

Plein Milieu accompanies them on their journey towards wellness by facilitating their access to knowledge, services and care that correspond to their needs. In partnership with all community stakeholders, Plein Milieu takes action and proposes innovative solutions to address the exclusion issues faced by the people it supports.

Our Vision

At Plein Milieu, we believe that individuals should never be seen as problems. We believe that each person has the right to be him or herself and to find fulfillment within society, and we understand that society thrives as a result. The pursuit of this social justice goal requires that each person has equal opportunity to access the care and services that best suit his or her needs, while respecting his or her will. For people who are using drugs or who are homeless, this remains a challenge.

Our Values

  • Self-determination: Plein Milieu believes that EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LEAD THEIR OWN LIFE WITHIN SOCIETY, according to their own choices and uniqueness, while respecting others.
  • Authenticity: Plein Milieu acts with CONVICTION AND TRANSPARENCY in the execution of its mission and statements.
  • Mutual aid: Plein Milieu builds mutual relationships of trust based on the respect of each person’s will and limits. PLEIN MILIEU’S GOAL IS NOT TO COME TO THE RESCUE, BUT RATHER TO OFFER SUPPORT..
  • Boldness: Strengthened by its roots in the community, its expertise and its rigorous processes, Plein Milieu acts creatively and flexibly to PROPOSE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to the social issues it addresses.
  • Social Justice: Plein Milieu works for a SAFER AND MORE EMPATHIC WORLD FOR EVERYONE.

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