27 recommendations for overdose prevention


After 2 years of research, of interviews with people who use drugs and of validation with harm reduction organizations, we are finally publishing our results! On this page, you will find two documents: the first one is a practical guide of recommendations for the prevention of overdoses. The second one constitutes the complete details of the research.

Expanding sensitization

After having shared all knowledge acquired with health care providers and community workers, other steps still need to be taken to make as many people as possible aware of overdose prevention. As te recommendations are only available in French at the moment, a translation to English is planned in the coming year, the objective being to reach Anglophone drug users and organizations as well as the overall Canadian population. We also plan to create prevention material such as guides, posters and messages for social media to ensure that overdose prevention isaccessible to all.


Recommendations guide

In this guide, you will find 27 recommendations for overdose prevention, including advice for self-intervention and suggestions for workers and organizations in the community or health sector. As overdose trajectories reflect existing social inequalities, broad orientations for systemic change are also proposed.

Stay tuned, this guide will be translated to English in the coming year!


Complete Research

In this document, you will find all the conclusions that led us to write the recommendations. Consult it to better understand our method or if you wish to have more information on any section of the guide. You will also find all sources consulted during the analysis at the end of the document.