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Youth Outreach

Our team uses a proximity outreach approach while meeting students exactly where they are: in school, but also on the streets, in parks, on the metro, etc. The intervention workers aim to educate, equip and sensitize young people and the community that surrounds them so that everyone is able to deal with the challenges faced by today’s youth.

We offer individual and collective guidance to young people along their emotional, social and educational journey. We play the role of councillor, mediator and workshop facilitator.


We offer ongoing services to three local high schools: École secondaire Jeanne-Mance, École secondaire Espace-Jeunesse and École secondaire Robert-Gravel.

We also offer “à la carte” services in other high schools throughout Montreal, such as psychosocial counselling and workshop facilitation.. To make a service request for your school, write an e-mail at:



The philosophy behind our counselling activities is based on empowerment, harm reduction, respect, dialogue, building mutual trust, confidentiality and the voluntary base of exchange.

Our main intevention themes are:

    • Relationship problems, violence, intimidation
    • Sexual Health
    • Physical Health and Addiction
    • Mental Health
    • Issues at school
    • Delinquency and legal problems


    We offer two workshop programs: sex education and substance abuse prevention. Learnings are transmitted in a theoretical format and through games or dramatizations leading students to develop strategies that help identify risky behaviours and strengthen their self-assertiveness.

    Sex education

    These workshops meet the Ministry’s requirements in terms of sex education. It is part of a holistic approach that addresses the multiple dimensions of sexuality and covers the following themes: puberty; body image; personal relationships; love and intimacy; stereotypes, prejudices and intimidation; sexual diversity; sexual consent and aggression; STBBIs and contraception; social media; and sexuality as a whole.

    Substance Abuse Prevention

    These workshops answer the numerous questions youth have about drugs, their effects and associated risks. The material is given from a prevention perspective and addresses the following themes: drug categories; effects on the brain; substance abuse and sexuality; the law of effect; rights, responsibilities and laws; substance abuse and social media…



    • The sports intervention project, carried out in partnership with the Centre Sablon, gives students the opportunity to enjoy rewarding experiences, expend their energy, vent their frustrations, manage their stress and develop better self-esteem through physical activity, all in a safe environment.
    • The youth-seniors outreach project, carried out in partnership with the Maison l’Aurore, aims to overcome mutually held prejudices and guide one another towards meaningful social participation. By forging bonds between individuals, participants recognize the value of others in the community. By forging bonds between individuals, participants recognize the value of others in the community.

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