In the Plateau-Mont-Royal, since 1993!

Site fixe

Site fixe is a facility that distributes and collects prevention and protection equipment intended for harm reduction and to prevent STBBIs. The site also provides resources for overdose prevention.

Intervention workers offer participants a warm welcome and individualized psychosocial support services.


Street Work

365 days a year, street workers meet people exactly where they are at: on the streets, in alleys, in parks, in the metro, in apartments and in other organizations. To reach target populations and meet their needs, they base their interventions on three guiding principles: consistent presence, creating meaningful relationships and empowering individuals. . Street workers are there to listen, offer support, discuss, refer and accompany people on a voluntary and confidential basis.

There are 3 street work programs:

  • The PWIID (people who inject or inhale drugs) program
  • The homeless or at risk of homelessness program
  • The Indigenous peoples experiencing homelessness program

Social Mediation

The social mediation program promotes harmonious cohabitation, positive neighbours’ relations, the sharing of urban space, as well as the quality of life and safety of all prone to meet in the Plateau-Mont-Royal. The approach is based on neutrality, active listening and taking into account each party’s concerns.

The social mediation program also oversees the L’Oranger network, which aims to promote the social inclusion of people experiencing homelessness by allowing business owners, citizens and marginalized people to meet, exchange and contribute to their community.



The Street Messengers is a program based on peer participation. The team patrols the territory to distribute and retrieve prevention equipment. The messengers also collect syringes in alleyways and refer people to services offered by the organization.


Plein Logis

Plein Logis is a housing integration and support project for individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness. The project is centred on the Housing First and on the Recovery approaches. Its goal is to support participants in stabilizing their situation in order to sustain housing.

Participants are guided in the improvement of their living conditions and acquire autonomy so they can continue living in stability once the project comes to an end. This project relies on renewable funding. The program has currently reached full capacity and is no longer accepting new applications.


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