COVID-19 : service modification

Reacting now!

The World Health Organization has officially declared the COVID-19 virus to be a pandemic. The virus is highly contagious and people who are homeless or drug users are at even greater risk, as many cannot put in place social distancing measures proposed by governments. As many organizations and businesses close their doors, there will be a need to mobilize quickly on issues that will affect vulnerable people.



Adapting our services

To adapt to the hygiene requirements and the temporary closure of several organizations, we have modified our services and have extended our hours of operation. All participants are required to enter our building one at a time. We will be distributing safe drug supplies, safe sex supplies, clothing, disposable masks, hand sanitizer, etc.

Hours : du lundi au vendredi de 10h à 17h.

Address : 4677 Saint-Denis, Montreal

Tel : 514 524-3661

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